Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Tips of The Icebergs

When discussing icebergs, a picture is worth a thousand words, so this post will focus on a few of the photos I've taken of icebergs in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans.  See what happens when ice, seawater, and wind interact. In short - The artist in this exhibition: Mother Nature! All photos taken from my kayak.

You may recall what you learned: all you see is the top one-third of the iceberg. These things can be huge. At the very bottom photo, you can see an iceberg-and-tent joint campsite. That will help you get the scale...

Click on any photo to enlarge it


Yes, icebergs can ignite one's imagination, can't they? They can also be powerful, or just beautiful. Look:

Yes, that's a kayak under that bridge!
And finally - the campsite, where icebergs rest at low tide. Ever felt your tent is really small?

For more info on this environment, try my Penguins In Alaska? Polar Bear In Antarctica?  post.


Anonymous said...

Eyal ....magical pictures !!!! Rani Cohen

Tali Aben said...

Just beautiful! I remember your first trip... here's to creative ways to celebrate birthdays.

Olivia Rose said...

wow very nice. It is remarkable blog. I wanted to learn such type of the things that I have got from here at one platform. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I had heard a lot about the Virginia Creeper Trail. But when I reached there with Dr Ron Virmani, It is certainly one of the most popular and beautiful bike trails in the eastern part of USA. Such a wonderful place it was !

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