Friday, May 27, 2011

Arctic/Antarctic Birthday Present

Been traveling. iPad Only. Could not post new pieces. Sorry.

So, this is my birthday week! I've decided to spoil myself (and you) with a collection of some photos I've taken over the years. Some are from the Arctic, some from Antarctica, and some - from "normal" places like Alaska and British Columbia. I'll post a few of them now, and the rest - within a week. This time - no stories, just let the eyes enjoy.

Join me in remembering the beautiful places I've been to. Click on any picture to enlarge it and enjoy in full view.

Seal. Arctic Ocean near Svalbard

Canoe on Bowron Lakes, British Columbia

Who's gonna catch it?
Katmai, Alaska

Hey, that one was mine!
Katmai, Alaska

Antarctic kayaking under a huge iceberg

Come get me!
Denali Park, Alaska

Standing there since 1982
Denali Highway, Alaska

Need a postage stamp?
Northern British Columbia

Until the next post, enjoy my writing about diving into the Arctic ocean - Should you?


Eyal Bar-Zvi said...

The Canoe from British Columbia reminds me I wanted to visit there too... Have a good one!

Rami Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Eyal! Amazing Pictures!!

Lisa Kelley said...

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