Monday, September 5, 2011

Arctic/Antarctic Travel - Not for Fun Seekers!

Hello! After a month of some real fun I'm back with another post, not before happily sharing with my readers that I have been granted three more awards, this time at the Better Photography Photo of the Year competition - One Silver Award and two Bronze Awards. I'm very happy and will show all those pictures in a future post.

So, I think I have managed to convince a few people who follow my writing that there could be some form of fun on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Yet, most people, when I tell them about my Arctic Fever, immediately look for signs of toughness - strong muscles (which I'm always happy to show off); rough voice (only before I clear my throat); and a very manly attitude (you'll be the judge).

So I guess my campaign to convince all of you that there is a huge aspect of fun in all this is still going on! In this post, we will try to validate this claim. (click on any photo to enlarge it)

1. Arctic travel is tough, long, physically challenging, and you get no afternoon naps!

Think of it this way: you have 24 hours of light. You can kayak for 12, hike for 5, take a nap for 1 hour, and still get a good night's sleep!

2. Canoes are for carrying people, and not the other way around!

Not on Bowron Lakes Canoe Circle, where you start and finish at the same point. Unless you're Escher, you must climb a bit before you set down the river and the lake, don't you think? And so portage is an essential part of the trip, where your canoe gets to be the spoiled one.

3. There are no Mosquitoes in the Arctic (or sub-Arctic) because it's all frozen up.

4. Nobody in their right mind will jump from a ship into a Zodiac over the Arctic Ocean

Oops - I missed the Zodiac!

5. There's no Joe's Cafe on Ellesmere Island

But there's Jaw's Cafe! What else is a whale's jaw good for, if not decorating an Arctic cafe?

6. Can't fall asleep without reading his five pages - Even in Antarctica? No problem

7. The crew and guides on Arctic trips are those tough, rough, crazy Russian or Canadian Macho Males

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