Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yogi Polar Bear

"Oooch, the summer was sooo long and hot! Ever since I got off the last piece of sea ice and had my last meal of fresh seal, I have been so bored, so lazy! You see, for about five months all I do is lie in the shade, sweat (my fur is designed for -50, mind you) and sleep. (click on any photo to enlarge)

"Now, finally, winter is in the air. It has already snowed twice! And the lakes are frozen! Me and all my pals have gotten up and moved closer to the bay, anticipating the day the sea ice forms. The problem is, I am so rusty. So I've developed this routine, I think humans call it Yoga, to get myself a bit more prepped for the big day. 

"First, I get up and look around to make sure nobody is watching!

"Then, I close my eyes to concentrate, and say something that sounds like "Ohrr"

"I Then start my routine. I try hard to keep it flowing. So keep the flow with me!
I do the Cat Pose and say "Ohrr" again

"I stretch my legs

"I do the Belly Stretch and keep my back straight

"Then, flawlessly, I do the Upward Facing Dog, ahmm, Bear

"Ooh, I love this pose! So I keep doing it while adding The Neck Twist

"I move to Full Back Twists, keeping a nice flowing spiral movement

"Oh, man, am I ready to jump on that poor seal out there on the sea ice! I get up and walk to release my hips

"Gosh, I just hope these guys over there did not see me! Or they will ridicule me all winter long out there in the ocean. God forbid, they might even call me Yogi Polar Bear!!!

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