Monday, March 26, 2012

An Arctic Mood in Yellowstone


For many, the Arctic is a remote, hard to reach, cold and rough region.

 They're correct! 

But is there a way to imagine how it would be in the cold of the Arctic winter, when the temperature can reach -40, the days are short and the snow is deep? There is. In this post, I'm showing some pictures I shot at Yellowstone National Park in the middle of winter a few years back.

Look at the photo above (click on any photo to enlarge it) Even in Yellowstone, there are miles and miles of snow, blowing winds, and insanely cold temperatures at winter. Yellowstone is known of course for its host of hot springs and geysers, which are amazing to see during the summer travel season, and which during winter, add a very special touch to the park. Not only is it unique and magical to see the steam making its way through the deep snow. More importantly - The hot springs allow for some snow to melt, and as a result the wildlife of Yellowstone can find some grass to chew on.

Of course, the wildlife is another difference between Yellowstone and the far Arctic. During winter, there are plenty more animals in Yellowstone, and they are much more visible.
On a good day, you could see there an Elk

A coyote

And of course the animal Yellowstone is know for as The King of The Road - the Bison

The Bison is huge, stupid, and strong. And of course, just as in the summer season, the most intriguing - and dangerous - encounters with Bison happen on the road. During the summer, drivers often have to sit for many minutes to let a Bison herd cross the road. At winter - We humans often travel the park on snowmobiles, making the interaction a lot closer and often more dangerous.

You know - Those arguments about who should have the right of way! 

It's no wonder, that allowing snowmobiles into the park at winter has become a vocal dispute. On the one hand, advocates of nature and the wildlife are concerned that the noisy and speedy snowmobiles disrupt nature, scare the wildlife away and often hurt them. On the other hand are those who argue that snowmobiles are the best way to let people experience Yellowstone at winter and enjoy its beauty - and the wildlife. And what are national parks if not for that very purpose?

What's you opinion? Post a comment or send an email! And in any rte, visit Yellowstone at winter, too - it's a view you don't want to miss.

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