Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kayaking Deja Vu - Best of My Arctic and Antarctic Kayaking Posts

The kayaking season on the Arctic ocean has ended a couple of months ago, and the Antarctic ocean is about to open up to kayakers very soon. I've been getting a good number of emails from readers asking me for recommendations about kayaking trips, the experience of kayaking, and kayaking photography. It seems that since I've been writing this blog for some time now, many great and relevant posts have been buried! And as I get new readers almost every week, I thought I'd direct you - or, for my repeat readers, remind you - to my most favorite kayaking posts. Click on any link to open that post, and on any photo to enlarge it!

If you're interested in kayaking, you may want to start with my post Kayaking The Arctic and Antarctica - 9 Tips 

Think it's crazy and risky? Unlike walking, kayaking on thin ice is rather safe, and you get to see amazing views like this one:

And of course, the benefits of kayaking among icebergs is that you can no only take pictures of them, but literally absorb them! A very popular post I wrote about this is Frozen Creatures of the Arctic and it has some very nice pictures I took while kayaking.

That's it for today - Just a filler to remind of old gems!

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