Friday, July 12, 2013

Alaska - The Heat Is On

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Summer is finally here and with it - My upcoming trip to Alaska! I'm getting very excited, of course, and to wet my appetite even more I keep looking at photos from past trips to that wonderful, huge state.

What does Alaska not have? (other than warm, Florida-like winters!) It has huge rivers, glaciers, amazing vistas and lots of wildlife. Take a look at this bird - 

Yes, it's a Bald Eagle! The one everyone knows from the US postal stamps, (hmm - you're not only using email, do you?) with a white head and dark body! The Bald Eagle only gets its familiar look at about two years old. I guess till then it needs to not be so bold, and be able to mesh into the environment without being spotted by other preying birds.

But no need to look up all the time. All it takes is a short hike to remind you that you're merely a guest in this state, and that it belongs to animals who assume the right of way wherever they walk:

(Remember not to ever step between a mother and a cub of any kind - moose but also a bear.)

Hiking is very popular in Alaska. Yes, you might run into the occasional grizzly or brown bear, but what's that compared to you ability to show yourself smiling in the middle of nowhere?!?

(This photo was taken by my son who at thirteen learned that there's life beyond the TV room.) 

And while walking, you can watch unending fields of flowers and imagine your own backyard looking like this:

Sometimes, though, you need to hop on a taxi to get to your destination in Alaska, and it ain't even a yellow one!

The advantage is, of course, you get to see a bear taking a nap.

Or - even better - busy at work. Watch the following video:

Until then - Adieu!

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