Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ooh I Miss The Alaskan Spring

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God it's hot! But I found a solution for that! I spend most of my days sitting in an ice bath, looking at pictures of Alaskan spring on my tablet. Try it - It works!

Ready? Are y'all in the bathtub? In this post, we'll look at some wildlife pictures from my last trip to Denali Nat'l Park in May. Spring is a great time to visit Alaska in general and Denali in particular, especially if you hate people and love wildlife - You see very few of those and lots of these!

Take these Caribou for example - They've just emerged from a harsh winter and are so happy to be grazing again:

Let me absorb the view of the snow for one more second.

The Alaskan Ptarmigan spends the winter with its feathers completely white. It's cold, there's no romance in the air, and so the top priority is hiding from predators. But come spring, it's mating time baby, and so the Ptarmigan grows a set of very nice covers. I'll let you decide who's the male and who's the female here.

(Hint: in terms of dressing up, humans are different from most other animals)

Watching a Grizzly bear walking the valley not far from you is always a powerful picture. And when there's still some snow on the ground, somehow that adds to the sense of the environment which is home for the Grizzly.

Ever heard of Dall Sheep? These are unique to Alaska,  and in particular to Denali. In fact, that national park was originally created to protect the Dall Sheep! Like mountain goats, they like the steepest slopes where they're protected and enjoy a great view:

Like Dall sheep, I like the steepest slopes where I'm completely unprotected, but enjoy a great view.

Sure - Smile at that. See you putting your camera on a rock, running up a snowy path, turning around and even trying to smile - All these within less than ten seconds, and for what - a selfie???

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