Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Antarctic Beauty

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It's April, and the Antarctic continent is slipping into a short Fall season, to be followed by a long, harsh, even brutal winter, where temperatures are often in the -50s and can be lower on many occasions. 

This is a good opportunity to recall how beautiful the Antarctic Peninsula looked just a few months ago, when summer settled in and the temperatures climbed to just around freezing. That time, the area is just perfect for cruising, kayaking, even meditating, as evident in the photo above - Thank God the days are long so one can just sit idle in the kayak for a while and enjoy the peaceful environment!

Kayaking allows us to look at the macro and the micro, so to speak. In the picture above, I paddled literally underneath a pretty huge iceberg, only to see what a beautiful engraving the ocean can make.

And of-course, all you need to do is lift your eyes again, kayak towards the open sea, and watch how ocean, fog, and people mesh together:

It's not that kayaking around Antarctica is always so peaceful. Often, with a slight change in the stream or the wind, everyone in your group becomes a traffic cop!

Evidently, we got out of there since I'm sitting here, sipping coffee and writing this post.

Let's go back to the broader view, where sunlight, the ocean, the icebergs and the land mix together in a dance of Antarctic nature:

The photo above, by the way, has won me a few awards, so take a second look :)

However, not everyone is suitable for kayaking in freezing water, and there are always the real estate types who simply prefer a balcony with a view. Even for those of you, Antarctica has something to offer. Although, of course, that piece of land is already taken by some small, funny creatures.

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