Thursday, May 29, 2014

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season

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So, I decided to travel to Alaska in mid May, right during the shoulder season. Yes, this is how the National Park Service Calls it! It turns out that Spring is indeed a wonderful time to travel there, especially in Denali where snow and sun (Yes, I know most you you prefer sea and sun) alternate. The trip was very special, and I developed some interesting observations there.

This post will be short on photos and long on wisdom. I do know that's why many of you come here to read my blog anyway. I'll get the wisdom out of my system and then we can focus on some very nice photos and stories.
So here it is:

1. It never gets dark in Alaska. They tell you the sun sets at 11:30 and rises again at 4, but I did not see any proof of that and to me it didn't look dark even for one minute. And it's only mid May!

2. The sound of rain does not make you calm and doesn't help you fall asleep. In fact, I can't understand why people spend 20 bucks on a rain-sound CD, or $100 on a machine that makes the sound of rain, when they can spend $3,000 and listen to rain pouring on their tent all night long in Alaska.

3. When your sleeping bag is rated "20 Fahrenheit", it means that's how you feel inside it.

4. Two ground squirrels just outside your tent sound like a Grizzly bear.

5. You don't have to serve in the submarine corps to sleep on a 49cm-wide mattress. In fact, you can walk into any REI store and get one.

6. It's very easy to read THE NORTH FACE backwards on the inside wall of your tent after staring at it all night long.

7. A fantasy for hot chocolate can be very daunting.

8. It's not the destination that matters, it's the journey to it. (Now these are words of wisdom!)

OK. Now that I got that out of my system, my next post will include some of the nicer aspects of Alaska during Spring, so stay tuned. Want a hint? Here:

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