Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hey Pretty Face!

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For the holiday season, we all want to be happy. And what's a better way to feel jolly than to see a bunch of pretty faces? And all which I personally photographed?

Now, don't take this lightly - I can't be happy when it's 10 below outside! Can you? Apparently, Antarctic Seals couldn't care less. On the contrary - They love some ice on their pretty nose:

Or perhaps they just like to pose for the camera? This penguin, I think, certainly posed for me!

Penguins are extremely cute in general. It is scientifically believed that their cuteness is inversely correlated with their smartness. Watch the following video, where a visibly preoccupied (with its own prettiness) penguin is checking me out in windy and snowy conditions: (Ignore the logo, it's the conversion software I use for free because I'm cheap)

Of course, not all creatures make a happy face all the time! Some, you'll have to admit, may look a bit - well - stupid. I mean, it's not that I have a strong opinion about Alaskan Mountain Goats, but put a leaf in her mouth and let her pose... You know what I mean?

Not to mention the angry Bison! How do I know it's angry? Enlarge the photo and have a look at his eye! Well, maybe it's just got an attitude.

And finally, the Pretty Face Competition! Today, we're presenting two finalists. Both are at the top of their own food chain. Both are at the Arctic. And both have gladly posed for this important contest. Meet Tim, a fellow traveler, and Am I Pretty Or What?, whom I encountered on a recent trip. Cast your votes!

To see more closeups, read my post Eye to Eye 

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Great pics! Way to go

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