Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who Can Tell Where's The Trail?

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Yes - Some trails, even in the wild, and even after a snow storm, are very visible. And almost always, what you see in the end is worth the hike!

But sometimes the trails aren't that easy to spot. So in this post, we'll see who can tell where's the trail. I hiked these trails a couple of months ago at Glacier Nat'l Park in Montana

Take this one for example:

That one was easy, wasn't it? And certainly worth the 7 mile walk (one way) to get this view:

So how about this one?

Easy to spot - Scary to walk! 
Not until you reach the next one:

That one wasn't actually too scary to hike so long as you didn't look to your left hand side! (And made an effort not to slip)

But gain - Worth the hike when you reach your destination.

Now that we've sharpened our eyes and minds - a few more elusive trails. Can you spot them?

It may sound strange, but it's actually nice to hike these trails in the snow.
Sometimes, though, you can spot a trail even before you start it - 

Oh yeah - This is serious stuff. Better take some bear spray with you hiking Glacier Nat'l Park!

And on occasion, it's not the beginning of the trail, neither the destination that matters, it's the surprise awaiting you somewhere there, along it.

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